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Pension Calculator


Pension calculations for the fixed benefit plan and the cash balance plan can now be done online.

This new pension site is available for union Honeywell employees by the pension plan administrator Hewitt Associates. It contains pension information and allows you to “run-the-numbers” on your pension by picking when you want to retire and letting Hewitt do the calculations automatically. The results take only seconds and can be saved in your file or printed for your convenience.

Access to the site is controlled by your EID or Social Security number and your personal access code number. If you don’t have a personal access code you can click on the link that says Register as a New User on the Log In page and obtain one. If you can’t remember your password a new one can be issued.

The Hewitt site contains useful information but it does NOT explain double dipping, severance packages, healthcare, life insurance, taxes and many other issues associated with retirement. For those questions call the union hall and talk to a union officer.

For more Information see: Pension Calculation Examples