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What Is A Union?

What Is A Union?
Simply put, a union is an organized group of workers who join together to collectively use their strength in order to have a voice and influence in their workplace. Through a union, workers have a right to impact many different aspects of their workplace, including wages, work hours, benefits, job training, workplace safety, and more. With a union’s support, you can expect a more equitable, fair, and respectful workplace. The struggle to achieve this is why workers organize.

America’s history is full of union activity. All of the benefits and protections that workers enjoy today have come about because of organized labor’s efforts, including minimum wage, the eight-hour workday, overtime pay, social security payments, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Occupational Safety and Health Act, and more.

Why Do I Need A Union?
A union gives every member a voice in their workplace. Without an organized labor force, management is free to treat workers as they wish. This often leads to worker exploitation. Union members enjoy higher wages – in fact, union workers’ wages are 30% higher than nonunion workers’. Unions help with retirement, too. Of nonunion workers, only 14% have a guaranteed pension; 68% of union workers do. Union workers have more and better healthcare coverage, stable work environments, and a sense of agency in their day-to-day lives.